Terms of use

The present Terms of use apply to any person from the moment in which any piece of site content is visualized on their device, until the access to data is completely terminated.

Individuals who do not agree to be bound by the site Terms of use should not use the site and the data on it as well.

The present Terms of use are subject to change at any time. People who visit the site are bound by the Terms of use that apply to the site at the moment of its usage.

Royalties and other rights

Copyrights and the related rights of the published on the site content belong to their rights holders. Any unauthorized use of copyrighted objects will be treated as a violation of rights and may lead to civil or criminal penalty provided by the law.

Third parties, including users of the site content, with no explicit permission by the respective rights holders shall NOT:

  • With respect to a computer program: use it, load it, display it on screen, run it, pass it to other users and devices, store it, translate it, modify it , etc.
  • With respect to royalties and related rights: record them, reproduce them, distribute them, broadcast and transmit them, or use them and their copies in any way.


Permitted activities

Every user has the right to use the site and the content on it only with the purpose:

  • To save a hard or soft copy of any data for personal use only, not commercial, or present short version of the data in a written form only if presenting the source and the links to the full site content.
  • To use multimedia content (pictures, video, etc.) only after written consent is received and source information and links to the full site content are given.
  • Use of data, regardless of its sort, could not be regarded as provision of copyrights or any other related rights.
  • Express personal opinion (comment) regarding the content published on the corporate website.


The user is obliged NOT to exercise the last pointed right of theirs if they:

  • Advocate ideas and/or carry out activities aimed at socially dangerous acts proclaimed illegal by law.
  • Advocate ideas and/or carry out activities aimed at discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, belongingness, human genome, citizenship, decency, religion, education, views, age, sexual preferences, marital status, material status, etc.
  • In breach of applicable law, public policy and accepted moral standards.
    In a way that could be classified as unacceptable, including but not limited to, expressing insults and defamation with respect to third parties.


Rights and obligations of Intelligent Systems

  • Upon request by a competent authority and in cases determined by law, Intelligent Systems is obliged to provide relevant data for each user.
  • In case Intelligent Systems finds out or is being informed about terms violation, the company shall take immediate actions of injunction. When the breach represents unauthorized use of royalties and related rights beyond those permitted by the present Terms of use, Intelligent Systems shall act upon realization of civil and/or criminal liability against the offender.



  • No compensation is owed when third party accesses the site through a device harmed by a computer program distributed automatically and against the will and without the knowledge of the user. This harmful program should also have the purpose of bringing computer systems and networks to adverse for the users conditions and/or to unwanted by the user results.
  • No compensation is owed in case of any damages caused by the use of other Internet resources accessible via links placed on this website.


Applicable law

  • Any disputes concerning the present Terms of use and their breach, including disagreements over the validity, interpretation, termination, fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the obligations of the parties involved, will be settled amicably by the parties. If no agreement is reached the disputes shall be brought in front of the appropriate jurisdiction body in the City of Sofia based on the Civil Procedure Code.
  • Decision, taken by a competent court or legislation change, making any of the Terms pointed here invalid, void or unenforceable, will be referred only to that condition. It will not refer to any other Terms and they will remain in full force as far as they are not significantly influenced by the change.
  • Bulgarian Civil Law is applied to any not agreed disputes.



  • A person can send us an electronic massage via the e-mail provided on the website.
  • In case the message is related to any sort of legal actions, including but not limited to exercise of rights, duties, court calls and similar, or in case it is of high importance to the company or you want to get an answer, you should write to the address of governance of Intelligent Systems pointed in the Commercial Register at the time the mail is sent.