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DealerBox Rental is a user-friendly solution for all rental companies. No matter what kind of vehicles your company rents, we can help your employees work faster with our flexible platform and valuable know-how in the field. Enable your rental business to become more efficient with automated and optimized processes, reduced costs, and higher fleet utilization.

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WIth DealerBox you can:

  • Set up contract and price lists types easily
  • Get detailed information on each customer, orders, rental periods and history, returns, etc.
  • Work with Dynamics calendar to search for available vehicles
  • Quickly define additional services and fees for each order
  • Set up different service packages
  • Generate all related documents from one place (including financial documents)
  • Access the service history of each vehicle
  • Get seamless integration with external systems
  • Rely on detailed reports and analysis on various KPIs

Spend less time working for your IT operations and more time achieving your mission

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