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Importer Management System

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It’s all about effective relationship management. You communicate with the OEMs on one hand and on the other, you have to be fast and flexible enough for all the requests from your dealerships. Car importers need a powerful tool to help them keep track of all these relations, business activities such as purchases, vehicle orders and warranty claims. DealerBox provides a reliable platform (minimum 10 users) to store all the relevant data, analyze it and turn it into meaningful business insights.

DealerBox's rich functionalities help car wholesalers work more efficiently.

BI and Reporting
BI & Reporting
OEM integration

Vehicle and spare parts purchase

Vehicle and spare part orders are an important part of car importers’ business. Deliver vehicles and parts within the planned deadlines so your dealers can get them delivered to the customers on time. This means more happy customers and more business for you – it’s a real win-win situation.

What is your role?

Gain full control over your daily tasks and strategic planning activities.

Tired of dealing with multiple vendors supporting a multitude of systems that barely integrate with each other?  

 • DealerBox integrates all aspects of your business into one fully integrated system, which seamlessly connects with both your suppliers and distributors/customers (whether it’s a b2b platform or OEM master data updates).  

 • Easily streamline user access to data in a single solution, centralize master data management in a single DB and simplify reporting by having one data warehouse. 

 • Have a single-point of contact support for a single solution covering all aspects of the business.

Are you facing difficulties tracking prospect interactions? Is your sales team frustrated with too much paper/manual work? DealerBox helps you by: 

 • Automate capturing customer/prospect feedback with predefined questionnaires they can fill themselves on a tablet.

 • Streamline proposal generation with built-in full car configurator.

 • Centralize car status tracking of the whole process from quote to end-customer delivery.

 • Simplify tracking of receivables, no matter if car is paid up front or using your or 3-rd party leasing.

Having trouble managing constant updates of OEM part numbers or operation normative times? Frustrated by having to maintain tens of thousands of spare parts, even though you only actively use several thousand? DealerBox supports you by: 

 • Effortless OEM integrations.

 • ABC analysis integrated with advanced replenishment system for fast turnover and decreased stockouts.

 • Smart dashboards for managing resource allocations and managing service appointments.


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