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With dealer loyalty diminishing, ongoing inventory shortages and increasing competition the dealers cannot rely anymore on the traditional methods to survive and grow their business. The dealers are struggling to efficiently manage the complex customer lifecycle as internal departments are working in isolated systems. Managing such a complex business operation as the dealership requires a single software solution that can manage sales, after-sales, spare parts, accounting & financials, and OEM integration.

Managers face many challenges today like lack of information and integration among various data sources, difficulties in tracking the entire sale cycle and keeping a complete history of each vehicle, discrepancies between sales budgets and their actual performance, spare parts overstocking, endless nomenclatures and a large number of substitute products, lack of information on the effectiveness of service and customer satisfaction in all aspects and departments and many more.

Complex supply chain, a new type of sales process, demanding customers are just a few more factors to push companies to look for innovative ways to deal with our new reality. Let’s show you how DealerBox (minimum 10 users) helps you manage your processes efficiently and make your business grow.

End-to-end business solution for the success of your dealership business!

Vehicle Sales
Vehicle sales
Financing and Insurance
& Insurance
After-sales ans service
Spare parts
Spare parts
BI and Reporting
& Reporting
OEM integration

Vehicle sales

DealerBox provides transparency and control over the entire sales cycle – from creating an individual offer, its transfer into a sales order or contract, through submitting the orders to the manufacturer and the actual acquisition of the car, to invoicing and transferring the car to its rightful owner – your customer.

What is your role?

Gain full control over your daily tasks and strategic planning activities.

Tired of dealing with multiple vendors supporting a multitude of systems that barely integrate with each other?  

 • Dealer Box integrates all aspects of your business into one fully integrated system, which seamlessly connects with both your suppliers and distributors/customers (whether it’s a b2b platform or OEM master data updates).  

 • Easily streamline user access to data in a single solution, centralize master data management in a single DB and simplify reporting by having one data warehouse. 

 • Have a single-point of contact support for a single solution covering all aspects of the business.

Are you facing difficulties tracking prospect interactions? Is your sales team frustrated with too much paper/manual work? DealerBox helps you by: 

 • Automate capturing customer/prospect feedback with predefined questionnaires they can fill themselves on a tablet.

 • Streamline proposal generation with built-in full car configurator.

 • Centralize car status tracking of the whole process from quote to end-customer delivery.

 • Simplify tracking of receivables, no matter if car is paid up front or using your or 3-rd party leasing.

Having trouble managing constant updates of OEM part numbers or operation normative times? Frustrated by having to maintain tens of thousands of spare parts, even though you only actively use several thousand? DealerBox supports you by: 

 • Effortless OEM integrations.

 • ABC analysis integrated with advanced replenishment system for fast turnover and decreased stockouts.

 • Smart dashboards for managing resource allocations and managing service appointments.


Spend less time working for your IT operations and more time achieving your mission

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Our happy customers tell it best.

Nikolay Nedyalkov Bulavto

We tried to find not just an implementer but a reliable long-term partner. We chose DealerBox's team because of their experience in the auto industry. Two years later I believe we have made the right decision.

Nikolay Nedyalkov
Commercial Manager, Bulavto Holding

filip ivanov unitrade x

All business processes are consolidated by the ERP system. DealerBox is a real proof for a platform that can manage so dynamic business as ours.

Filip Ivanov
Project Manager,

DealerBox approached our case with attention and understanding, coached us and solved our issues - no matter the level of their complexity.

Tihomir Dimitrov
Insurance and Invoicing, Moto Phohe

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