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The leasing module in the automotive retail system DealerBox covers all aspects of operational and financial leasing - from standard CRM capabilities to specially created functionalities. The four main areas covered include the CRM/sales process, quotation, contract management, and settings. Find a detailed overview below.  

CRM and sales processes

  • Keep track of the different types of opportunities you've received
  • Check on an opportunity's stage - identification of needs, test drive, quotation, etc.
  • Create an offer - for a sale, trade-in or auction
  • Register a win or loss (of client’s opportunity)

Quotation management

  • Search for vehicles - new, used, corporate
  • Generate and change default leasing plans
  • Fill in information in leasing plans - type of leasing, mileage, tires, installments, interest, etc.
  • Define and evaluate different fees based on the contract, length of the term and chosen mileage, with or without regular service
  • Approve changes and contracts through a streamlined process with reminders, emails and levels of approval
financial and operational leasing

Contract management

  • Check up on a contract's status
  • Create and define delivery protocols
  • Manage and change contract parameters, keep an archive of any changes made
  • Generate invoices
  • Start a subrogation procedure or cease it
  • Find out information about buildup


  • Create and calculate monthly payments based on a residual value matrix
  • Advanced fee settings
  • Set matrices to define packages based on brand, car model, engine, tires, period, mileage, regular, irregular services etc

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