June 29, 2018

Moto-Pfohe optimize its entire business with DealerBox

Moto-Pfohe was established in 1991, as a sole limited liability company, owned by Hugo Pfohe GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. The company is now part of the family of Sumitomo Corporation.

Since its establishment Moto-Pfohe became one of the leading companies in the country and is currently the official dealer of Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. Moto-Phohe has 17 offices in 16 cities, both own sales offices and service centers and dealers. Within the Moto-Pfohe group there are also the insurance broker “Pfohe Agency” EOOD and “Moto-Pfohe Leasing” EOOD. The business portfolio includes sales and service of new and used cars, short and long-term rentals, full service, insurance, spare parts, accessories, financing of car deals.

Due to the massive increasing of the customer base, Moto-Pfohe decided on new, unified platform for corporate management – DealerBox. Moto-Pfohe implemented DealerBox DMS and its modules CRM, Vehicle sales, Spare parts management, After-sales management. The CRM module allows Moto-Pfohe to optimize it’s marketing activities by providing an easy way of relationships management with potential and existing customers. Moto-Pfohe is already able to control the entire sales cycle thanks to the Vehicle sales module of the DealerBox. Having a real-time access to actual stock data is a priority for the company, so the system provides a useful tool for transparent and quick Spare parts and After-sales management.

“Dealer Box approached our case with attention and understanding, coached us and solved our issues – no matter the level of their complexity. They taught me a large number of things and fully adapted the software solution to the needs of the bodywork repair shop.”, commented Tihomir Dimitrov, Insurance and Invoicing at Moto-Phohe.

This is one of the most complex projects we have delivered but we believe now Moto-Pfohe enjoys the rich functionalities and the user-friendly interface of DealerBox. Our team was devoted to establishing a flexible business solution to deliver exceptional user experience in any business unit. We are very happy we managed to do just so.”, said Damian Stamenov, Business consultant at DealerBox.

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