Euratek – OEM integration

OEM integration


Spare parts

  • R31XXX.PREIS & PAH.R31XXX.ZUBEHOER – Imports of price lists for spare parts and/or accessories
  • xxxR31.A8013A.ET2 – Stock order exports of deliveries
  • R31xxx.Z0106A – Order confirmations
  • R31XXX.Z4228A – Delivery data
  • R31XXX.SPDE – Spare parts invoices


Repair shops

  • Backbone Server, ETKA, ELSA – Integration for data exchange with specialized software like ELSA offline and ETKA.
  • PortableCheckIn – Interface for data exchange with a mobile system and information processing for vehicles in a repair shop


  • BIW Interface – Information updates and imports for ordered vehicles, dates, specs, status and invoices
  • COM-SET 3: Product information from MBV – Imports of in-stock vehicle specs, i.e. models, model years, options, equipment, packages, colors, dashboards, upholstery, prices, weight
  • COM-SET 13: CoC data from ATLAS (Certificate of Conformity) – Imports of data regarding the certificates of conformity – detailed data for the vehicle’s parameters

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