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May 31, 2022

Management system for car importers: What do you need to know before integration?

The choice of a quality software system to assist automotive importers in managing their business is crucial due to the specifics of the industry. Reliable IMS (Importer Management System) with comprehensive capabilities is needed when you have to interact with OEMs and accurately fulfill orders received at your offices. 

Here is what you need to know before implementing this system: 

1. Have a clear picture of the challenges you want to overcome 

What are the problems you want to solve through the implementation of IMS? Ask yourself a few questions related to the nature of your company’s difficulties – the financial situation, the department results, or the inefficient allocation of time. Whatever your concerns are, it is essential to be aware of them and how they will reflect on your business once you solve them.

2. Involve your employees in the preparation of your request 

To predispose your team to upcoming innovations, you can include the leading representatives in your company’s business processes evaluation. This way they will feel encouraged to express their concerns related to work responsibilities. Thus, you will get a realistic idea and a clear vision when preparing the requirements for the software service provider. Moreover, you can involve your employees in the implementation phase. It will help them appreciate their contribution and adapt efficiently to the new way of working. 

3. Choose which modules to include in the system 

The specialized ERP system for car importers provides endless possibilities and a wide range of functionalities for businesses in the field. It may substantially simplify work processes and improve several internal operations.  

Moreover, well inform yourself about the options that the software offers, to understand its effectiveness. Your business needs are unique, and for this reason, the ERP system should be customized based on them. The implementation process is not easy, and therefore it is good to have a trusted partner who will support and assist you in every step of the implementation. 

4. IMS in the cloud? 

Cloud technologies have a positive impact on the development of organizations from different industries due to the simplified and streamlined setup. And not only. 

IMS in the cloud allows you to manage your business, despite your location at the moment. The overload of the internal servers and the IT systems is in the past, and the associated costs are eliminated. Data access time has been optimized, allowing you to download reports and get the information you need in seconds. Cloud solutions are characterized by advanced data encryption technology, which guarantees improved security conditions. 

5. Implementation costs of an IMS solution 

Price is often the leading factor when a company is choosing an IMS, forgetting about the possibility of many unexpected costs. Delays, systemic difficulties, wrong data, changes in the client’s initial needs, etc., often contribute to the total cost of ownership. 

According to our experience, when starting a software system, the most underestimated cost is related to the training of the people who will work with it. This approach helps employees understand the advantages and new operational processes. Thus, your company will increase its efficiency and improve its performance. 


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