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January 25, 2023

Leading car dealer Sulland Group chooses DealerBox for its new premium brand Voyah

Electric Way, a part of the Norwegian car dealer Sulland Group, chose Intelligent Systems as their software partner for the premium EV brand Voyah. All business processes of Electric Way have been optimized and digitalized by our cloud-based automotive solution DealerBox on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP.

Within the dealership model of the future envisioned by Electric Way, DealerBox automates all of its internal processes as car purchase, sales, after-sales, transport, spare parts and service management. The solution orchestrates the interaction between the systems of Electric Way and of all its partners in its digital journey – financial institutions, insurance companies, service centers, logistics providers, etc.

“Thanks to our partnership with Intelligent Systems we are changing the future of the dealership. Our main goal is to deliver not only electric vehicles but to add value to our services through fully digitalized and innovative processes.” – said Espen Holje, VP IT & Tech, Electric Way.

DealerBox solution aims at creating a frictionless customer experience for Voyah drivers throughout the vehicle’s purchase and ownership. We are supporting Electric Way to digitalize all aspects of owning and using the car, reducing customer effort and making unnecessary paperwork and trips to the showrooms a thing of the past.

Every step of the process – from initial customer interest, all the way to receiving their car – is made as simple as ordering it with just a few clicks. Test drive bookings, car configuration and ordering, contract signing, applying for financing, getting the car serviced – all potential touchpoints are accessible online using the customer platform built by Intelligent Systems.

How DealerBox is changing the dealership model? Get in touch with us for further details.

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